Monday, November 07, 2005

Indian Summer

I got rid of some more recent posts lately, as some of you might have noticed. The reasons behind that are several and I don't feel like writing a post about them, so this one will not be relative. This last week was interesting. Now I'm sitting in kind of a strange mood--sort of like..lost, or confused, but otherwise stable. Am I ever really stable? I don't know. I'm feeling kind of a void right now, an emptiness. Of course there are things..or people..I could fill it with, but the timing of any action is important. I'm asking myself, as I write this, why bring it up in the blog if you're not going to dish out every last intimate detail? Well, Blog, because I want a public mention of it without spilling know, maybe arouse some interest in certain of my readers? Bayley would make a good neonatal nurse, methinks.

That's all for now, jerks!


Blogger Mikey06 said...

SOO? Are you implying that my comments are silly and drawn out? Serious and to the point, indeed. I wish you would just listen to yourself talk once in a while- you'd probably puke. I take dramamine every morning, anticipating your mindless banter that is so boring it makes me want to cry. What happened to the blog after this one? WHY did you delete it? Something inappropriate for the younger audiences? Well, I saw it. Again, it made me want to puke. But I saw it. And I'm going to tell the WHOLE WORLD, just you wait, you silly monkey. If there was a poll for the world's strangest little man, you'd win. Even Bush wouldn't have a chance. You've got that category dominated. Dominated by your smallness and strangeness. Dominated. Domdom. Dominated. Dom dum. Dom dum dumb. Dumb? You're dumb.
You haven't seen the last of my crazy comments.

6:58 PM  

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