Saturday, October 08, 2005

White House Press Conference, Reenacted by Josh Kulla & Kevin Klever

Arcane87-Member of Press
kevinkkrk-George W. Bush

Arcane87: Mr. Bush, what does your administration plan to do to regulate the overwhelming deficit?
kevinkkrk: We need to dream.... of Freedom.
Arcane87: But, Mr. Bush...that has nothing to do with my..
kevinkkrk: i've explained it already
kevinkkrk: they hate us, for our freedom
Arcane87: Sir?
Arcane87: No you haven't..that has nothing to do with the topic of the budget deficit..
kevinkkrk: We will get over it, because we have.... freedom
Arcane87: Freedom? Sir, please answer my question.
Arcane87: What does your administration plan to do about the federal budget deficit?kevinkkrk: i chose the best dressed woman for the job
kevinkkrk: she's on it
Arcane87: *agape* To whom do you refer, Mr. President? Associate justice nominee Harriet Miers?
kevinkkrk: I chose her because she's the best republican woman for the job that was in my office at the moment.
Arcane87: I see..well, if you would please, Sir, I'd like to hear your plans for bringing the deficit back to a managable rate.
Arcane87: And I me get my notes out..
Arcane87: ouch..damn..bobby it is
Arcane87: at the end of Bill Clinton's 2nd term, the US budget had an $8 billion -surplus-Arcane87: By the end of your first term, we had a $4 trillion deficit...could you explain how we're going to deal with that?
kevinkkrk: we used the money, to establish.... freedom.... and agility
Arcane87: Agility? Sir, are you even listening to me?
kevinkkrk: i love women, i cherish them..... son, you are no woman.
Arcane87: Women...Sir..
kevinkkrk: son?
Arcane87: The deficit, Sir...what does your administration plan to do about the deficit?kevinkkrk: we've taken care of that, with....freedom
Arcane87: Um, right...
Arcane87: If I may ask you one more question...
kevinkkrk: please do
Arcane87: you wearing a lobster bib, Sir?
kevinkkrk: yeah, that's a funny story, i was chasin' armadillas, and...... i forget the rest, but you get it
Arcane87: no way explains why you're wearing the bib, Sir.
kevinkkrk: i just explained the armidillas son.
Arcane87: I didn't ask about the armadillos, Mr. President..kevinkkrk: i beg to differArcane87: I asked why...why you're wearing that bib..
Arcane87: which..I believe, is the kind they pass out at Sizzlers.
kevinkkrk: armidillas can get pretty messy
Arcane87: were eating the armadillo?
Arcane87: *gives rest of press corps an incredulous stare*
kevinkkrk: the armidilla.... hated us..... because we love.....freedom.


Blogger Mikey06 said...

I think I am I supposed to laugh? Or just feel sorry for mankind?

2:32 PM  
Blogger Mithrandir said...


3:57 PM  
Blogger doodles said...

you can feel both but i would feel more sorry for mankind.

7:10 PM  

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