Saturday, September 10, 2005

Der Fuhrer von Happil├╝nd

To my faithful readers,

Due to a long convalescence, I have been unable to muster anything more than a few studious quotes to throw about. Therefore, no blogging has been attempted for several weeks in order to preserve the professional integrity of your beloved Profundus Sententina. While nothing I write could ever be rightfully considered pure, unadulterated crap, I felt it best to refrain from righting in order to keep face with my critics. That said, everything's okay.

I think I'll write about music. My good, dear friend--the right-honorable Alex Bauer--introduced me to an orchestral rock band called Godspeed You Black Emperor!. I'm in love. "The Dead Flag Blues" is especially wonderful. I've also been on a Dresden Dolls kick of late--highly recommend them to any of you yet unexposed. Hm..what else. Writer's Club is doing quite well, had a nice hour longish meeting this past Wednesday.

Happy Birthday, Mike.

Captain Anachronous


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