Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Post-Birthday Commentary and A Psycho-Political Treatise

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy 18th birthday. Special thanks to; Brittney, for hanging in there and helping the boy out; and Mike, for the cool little charm I wasn't home to accept (I will treasure it many years). If I left anyone out I'm deeply sorry, since I have a fairly short memory for contacts these days. I got some nice stuff and some money from my parents and grandparents, and otherwise had a very typical and pleasant 8th of August. Little more to be said than God bless you all.

As for the political teaser, a concept was aroused during a conversation I had with my man Bryce B. this evening regarding a mix of politics, psychology, and sociology. For one, he suggested that when I have completed by double Psychology/Sociology major, that I return to Audubon and determine what's up with it. A place full of apathetic, emotionally insecure/oblivious sycophants? Maybe. Understanding Audubon could potentially help us understand the complex differences between the rural and urban minds--the how's, the why's, and the what if's.

That however was not the brainchild of the talk. You see, there exists a book by an author I can't recall just now called 'Liberalism Is a Mental Disease'. Bearing in mind the psyche of the rural, Nascar worshipping conservative who 'doth not understand this liberal 'enemy' he so despises, I considered a thought rather contrary to the aforementioned book. If liberalism is, quite plainly, the application of simple democratic logic to the political forum mixed with a seasoning of human ego, where does that leave the conservative movement?

Take a look at the traits of your typical outspoken conservative:
  • Shameless, seemingly unconditional patriotism (despite the obvious blunders of a commander and chief).
  • A paranoid fascination with finding (often misinterpreted) religious (i.e. Christian) dogma to support the misguided 'crusades' of said commander and chief.
  • A smirk every time someone says, "Clinton was innocent."
  • Thinking that wearing a tiny pin of the American flag proves that you're not a traitor, or in more classical terms, a wolf in sheeps clothing.
  • Thinking that the suspension of civil liberties is a just sacrifice toward securing a country.
  • Et cetera ad finitum..

We have here at least one mention of paranoia, as well as some subconscious distaste for the Clintons. Logic? A sincere political view? Or the result of some childhood trauma made manifest in our courts, media, and publishing houses--all as dangerous as the first taste of our modern 'Neoconservative' movement.

No, my friends and dear anonymous author, Liberalism is not a mental disease. A potential field day for the ego, perhaps--but in my eyes, the application of reason to reality has never been an illness where government is concerned.


Blogger Britts* said...

WOOHHOOOOOT! chaching! another mentioning for the brit-miester!!!!

4:09 PM  
Blogger Mikey06 said...

Thanks for the compliment...I think. I wish you another happy 18 years of your life. After that, well....it's up to you. Take care, and I'll visit you in Canada!

7:47 PM  
Blogger Mithrandir said...

Twas a compliment. Mi apartmento es su apartmento.

11:54 PM  

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