Saturday, August 27, 2005

Anno Seniorum

Well kids, another year has dawned. This will be my last year with you, having scheduled my ascension for May. College is a looming question for me--where, when, WHY?!, and how. How? Mooching off my parents. Where? Maybe Calgary. When? Stop asking me questions. If I left any out, fill in the blanks with your favorite independent film quotes.

My schedule is as follows for this, the first semester of the year.
  1. Fundamentals of Speech
  2. PE or Study Hall
  3. Business Law I
  4. Study Hall
  5. U.S. Government
  6. Algebra II
  7. Spanish III
  8. Forensic Science

I think it's fun so far. Hell of it is, it's taken all these years for schools to finally be enjoyable. Writers' Club meets for the first time on Monday (current members: Me, Mrs. Shannon, Brittney, Alex, y Justin). If things don't go as planned, we intend to change it into a foot washing cult that meets in small, windowless rooms. Anywho, this is about all I have to say for now. Check back later, Arnie might decide to show up again.


Your Leader


Blogger Mikey06 said...

This "your leader" crap tells me you need to be knocked down a peg or two....
See you Monday!:)

9:53 AM  
Blogger Britts* said...

...i dont really like feet.

7:26 PM  

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