Friday, June 10, 2005

Disclaimer: Depressing Poem

If rain could wash tears away
Then this night I would be free
But the heavy drops only chill the flesh
Make wet the garments speckled crimson
And little do they know
How much their clouds resemble my heart in colour.

Alone in this place, walls beaten with hail
And thunder singing off the heavens
I consider each word carefully as I type it
As I consider the taste of steel, and bitterly reject it.

Wine no longer keeps me, only poetic words
That humans would find...deranged, even false
So far as that the truest friends would doubt me
Hell hath no fury, the heart burns hotter.

Come on, you thunder...where are you when I need you?
I walk in defiance of you, pelted by the drops
And yet you strike me not, are you so much better
Than the animals huddled on the earth beneath you?

If I sat in a suit of steel and held antennae over my head
Would you release me from this fleshen prison?
Is this the hour, can I see what sits on the other side of sky
Or must I wonder, and drink tears?


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