Sunday, May 15, 2005

Okham's Razor

The heart is a very interesting and altogether insane organ. No, I don't refer to the powerful, four-chambered muscle buried within the chest--I refer to the human term for the soul. To you who are reading this, the idea of emotional confusion is not a new one. Yes, some of you might even be so far in your judgement of love as to swear it off. But as for me--your humble, egotistic, self-contrary, and amateur author--I find that no matter what figurative darts are thrown at me I can do nothing but stand in place and take them.

Why should anyone endure uncertainty for the sake of affection, you ask? Even if you're not asking that I'm going to address it anyway. I honestly don't know. I'm very much happy to abide and support and be something of a comfort for the one I care for, but despite my self-proclaimed wisdom I just don't know sometimes. I'm probably just paranoid, and insecure...and all those other fun flukes of the psyche...but there are some days (or in this case, nights) that I wonder. For once in a relationship I am content and happy, but now comes the question--is she? And if not....why not?


Blogger Mikey06 said...

Only that four chambered, confusing organ inside your chest (however small in your case) can answer that last question.

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