Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Arthur Dent, You're A Real Kneebiter

The title relates to nothing in this post, so don't bother squeezing your brain for metaphor.

It's been a while since I've bothered putting anything on this thing, no matter really, only Mike ever reads it. Well, where to start. The class of '05 has graduated, as if you didn't already know, and things at good 'ole AHS have been dull without a class above mine. It gets old staring down at all the other grades, figuratively speaking of course, as most everyone in those lower grades are superior to me in height. Oh that was a delightfully pointless line, I think I'll do another. Tomorrow is our last day of school, then a couple of days of semestre tests (Friday be my very last day). I plan to be odd this summer, very odd indeed. I'm going to continue to wear short socks with my big boots and shorts, offensive t-shirts, and read up on the occult. I'm going to hang out with a delightfully strange and addictively curious friend of mine if I can, go to Deadwood, SD and loiter about the grave of Wild Bill Hicock (a man I retreated with at the Little Big Horn), and make outlandish claims in person and via the internet.

I'm single now, too. Any of you foxy ladies out there reading this (for your sake, I hope there's none of you), keep 'ole Mithrandir in mind. If I don't drive you away with the first impression, maybe you're enough like me to talk poetry.

Signing off,
A Slightly Wined-Up Arachnokleptonymphomaniac.


Blogger Justin said...

Life . . .

The Universe . . .

And Everything . . .

3:47 PM  
Blogger Mikey06 said...


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Blogger Mithrandir said...

*comes down from his ship with a clipboard and looks at Mike* Michael Andrew Christensen, you're an overblown Mexican autocrat with a comb-over."
*returns to his ship and flies off in search of the next creature to insult*

7:28 AM  
Blogger Mikey06 said...


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