Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Standardize This

Another day, one less dollar. Today began on a flat note, seeing as I thought I'd be going all day without seeing my girlfriend due to an art show. Traveling the halls was dull, from period to period, from a semi-pointless junior meeting 2nd period to a super-pointless tornado drill at the end of 4th. Lunch was quite boring without my Kelly, although Brittney and the rest (Matt and the two that rarely talk to me) were pretty upbeat. Oh! New pope today..Josef Ratzinger, a.k.a. Pope Benedict XVI (16th). Yeah...that was fun. Oh well, moving on..

7th period turned from my normal study hall into a federal experiment in mathematics. I got shipped to Konkler's room (happiest place on earth) for some math test from the state..wasn't very long, but it was very dull. I'm not sure what standardized testing is trying to accomplish--make us smarter, or dumber...math isn't my thing, oh well.

Day ended well. The girlfriend got back during 8th period..had her over...wouldn't you like to know. Thankful to God for another chance to teach someone about the Bible tonight. Remember to pray for eachother, people.

Monday, April 18, 2005

I Should Be Pope

Here we are on the 18th of April, just wrapping up a heaping helping of pope-mourning. According to some guy in Rome (might have been Mussolini), today is the day a bunch of high-strung old men in dresses gather to elect another so-called vicar of Christ. Far be it for me to have an opinion, but is Christ not His own vicar (vicar meaning religious authority)? I'm sure the Catholics know it better than me *sarcasm*, but the whole idea of 'electing' a divine representitive seems kind of..oh, how shall I put it...un-divine? Seriously people, if God was appointing these men, why would they have to vote for themselves? Oh boy...if I had a dollar for every time someone explained to me the point of the Vatican.

In other news...yeah...that's about all that the major news channels are spouting today. Might be a German, might be an Italian, or even (thank you, affirmative action!!) a Nigerian. As a Protestant, I have only one religious authority. Nope, not Pastor Ketcham (although I'd much sooner follow him than John Paul II), not even...um..[insert name of Lutheran official]. Just Jesus. A rather humble sort who was quite clear and to the point as to who He is and what He was trying to say. Baffles me how not everyone can see His Grace and accept His death and resurrection as the basis of our immortality..oh well, not going to make any new allies yelling about it.

Oh, and impromptu drives to Exira are really very enlightening. You should try it sometime..they've got an awesome new Caseys that I didn't bother visiting today. Did anyone else notice how much like catfish bait Audubon smelled today? Odd...